Single UAV System, Multiple Applications

Single UAV System, Multiple Applications

Atlas is the latest drone platform from Microavia, UAE for industrial use which sets a whole new standard by combining true autonomy with high-performance and unmatched reliability

Technical Specifications

– Autonomous Robotic Station for All Your Drone Requirements
– < 1 Minute Deployment
– Up to 90 Seconds Battery Swap Time
– 50 Minutes Battery Full Charge
– -30° to 50° C Operating Temperature
– IP54 Ingress Protection
– 4 LiPo Swappable Battery Units
– RTK Positioning System


Our drones have implications throughout multiple industries.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Ensure safety and decrease costs for the pipeline, tank, and storage terminal inspections.



Create visual documentation of every stage of the project.

First Responders

Protect & serve your communities with precise and timely aerial intel.


Manage stockpiles, excavation with safety & compliance.

Electrical Grids

Inspect more assets with the efficiency of smart drone operations. Recover faster from outages and disasters.

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