Delivery Drones

Drone for Logistics

Drone for Logistics

Transfer light to heavy items through autonomous drones built to pick and drop essential goods at any location. Such drones built for delivery and logistics can be used across multiple domains resulting in cheaper, faster and smarter delivery of goods.

Technical Specifications

– Range: 15 – 20 kms
– Payload: Max 20 kgs
– Endurance: 45 – 60 mins
– Cruising Speed: 54 kmph
– Operating Temperature: -12 °C to +60 °C



Locate and deliver medical aid and food essentials to troops placed at unreachable terrain throughout the national borders.

Medical Delivery

Autonomous systems to load, refrigerate and deliver vaccines, blood samples, and other medical items with the help of Delivery Drones

Last Mile Delivery

Use drones to deliver items for last mile logistical activities straight from the warehouse to your doorstep

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