About the Sector

Use of UAVs in Inspection & Surveillance based projects has skyrocketed recently all thanks to the numerous advantages they pose. We at DroneAcharya, use the latest technology available in the market to execute your project with the highest of standards. Get in touch today!

Data Collection

Operations involved in this sector change from case to case, have a look into our solutions offered in the next section to get a good idea. Once we have the KML file of your project things can be completed in no time. Share your scope of work today and we will get in touch with you! Additionally if you have any specific requirement we can always tweak it.

Data Processing

All thanks to our highly experienced GIS team with a cumulative experience of over 50 years & equipped with the latest software you can rest assured your project will be delivered with the highest of industry standards.


Our solutions related to the Inspection and Surveillance Services

Bridge Inspection

Evaluate the condition of your recently finished bridge, identify structural weak places, or depict the state of the bridge.

Solar Inspection

Use aerial photography to capture expansive views, or use close-up photography to thoroughly assess the state of the panel. With our sophisticated drones and sensors you won’t miss a single detail.

Infrastructure Inspection

Perform all sorts of infrastructure inspections [eg. building and rooftop] for residential & commercial real estate, & defence bodies.

Wind Turbine Inspection

Dedicated solutions for both on-ground and off-shore based wind turbine inspections. Up-to 90 % reduction in time and labour with our technology when compared to usual manual inspections.

Gas Pipeline Inspection

High resolution visual inspection of site using drones and 10x zoom cameras. Damage detection of cracks, dents, missing parts & rust.

Port Monitoring and Traffic Inspection

Easily collect valuable data for actionable decisions. Optimise operations, handle emergencies with ease, better construction/reconstruction plans etc.

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