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DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations Ltd is an enterprise drone solutions company, headquartered in Pune, India. Specialising in Drone & GIS services across multiple domains, we believe in training the next generation for becoming extremely skilled in the UAV + Geospatial industry.

As an end to end data solution provider, DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations has also brought into the Indian UAV industry an array of Aerial and Geospatial solutions. We aim to provide quality products and services across multiple domains such as Agriculture, Energy, Mining, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Smart Cities, Urban Planning and Water Resources. We boast of a dedicated team of Surveyors, UAV pilots, GIS analysts and LiDAR experts.

Survey and Mapping

Base map creation, asset mapping, urban planning you name it & we can help you with almost any drone application in this category, click the button below to know more about our offerings.

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Inspection & surveillance

With our sophisticated drone hardware and software technology never miss a single detail. We are well updated with the latest technology to serve you better, share your exact scope of work and we will get in touch with you

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Industrial Enterprise solutions

This is where UAVs of the current era have found their major role in i.e Mining, construction, agriculture and many more. With our past experiences and expertise in these domains we can assure to deliver your project with utmost diligence and with the highest of standards.

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Drone Logistics

We can all agree that “Drone Logistics” is the next big thing, with solutions such as drone delivery, warehouse management on the rise. Get in touch with us today to know our offerings and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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